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Your Sinclair
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(Ladderman - brand new tip!) 11811
Cheat modes
Type in DEMIGOD on the high score table and you'll get two-player infy lives. (Alex Turnball in Your Sinclair issue 68 , Page 28) 5109
Multiface pokesHow to enter these
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Infinite Lives Player 161193,0
Infinite Lives Player 261453,0
Infinite Bombs Player 156988,0
Infinite Bombs Player 257286,0

     (Gerard Sweeney in Hack Attack III) 2222

Immunity Player 161132,201
Immunity Player 261392,201
Bomb's Autofire Player 156817,0
Bomb's Autofire Player 257149,0

(Viktor Drozd - brand new tip!) 11671
Type-in hacks

(Original by Steve Kemp. Sent to Tipshop by Jon North from the source material originally sent to YS.)

This wasn't a bad little game, was it? I was contemplating ripping the
music and sticking it on the Pokerama tapes, but Paul Angel would've got
all stroppy. So I decided to print this instead, and it earns it's sender,
Steve Kemp, the coveted Hacker of the Month title. Why? Because he asked
nicely in his letter.

10 REM Ethnipod by Steve Kemp
20 CLEAR 24499: LOAD ""CODE
30 FOR F=65054 TO 1E9: READ A
60 DATA 175,50,9,239,50,13,239: REM infy lives (both players)
70 DATA 62,255,50,154,98,50,152,98: REM 255 grenades (both players)
80 DATA 195,199,97,999

Download this type-in hack in TAP format HERE (Steve Kemp, Jon North in Your Sinclair issue 67 , Page 32) 7427

(Original by Buzz. Sent to Tipshop by Jon North from the source material originally sent to YS.)

This reader-covergame seemed to go down well with you lot (I've got about
eight thousand letters to testify to it!), but I plumped for this routine
from someone known only as Buzz because I liked the loading system he sent

10 REM Ethnipod by Buzz
20 CLEAR 24499: LOAD "loader"CODE 65E3
30 POKE 65054,201: RANDOMIZE USR 65E3
40 POKE 61193,0: POKE 61453,0: REM infy lives both players
50 POKE 56988,0: POKE 57286,0: REM infy grenades both players
60 POKE 61335,0: POKE 61336,0: POKE 61606,0: POKE 61607,0: REM no shield balls lost both players
70 RANDOMIZE USR 25031: REM end marker

(Buzz, Jon North in Your Sinclair issue 68 , Page 30) 7428
Complete solutions
Click HERE to download a recording of this game being completed, using an RZX capable emulator.
File size: 75KB
Courtesy of the RZX Archive.

(Xmikex on the RZX Archive) 11778

Brought to you courtesy of Gerard Sweeney and Nick Humphries
plus various other good eggs.

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