The Italian Project

(Because I couldn't quite bring myself to call it The Italian Job)

Last updated: 15/08/2005

This is a mad effort on my part to find the original games which were illegally hacked and translated for various Italian magazines. The list here is based on that of flydream's website, found at - my thanks to him for his sterling work compiling these tapes.

Thanks MUST also go to the other people who have helped so far in identifying the games.

The current King of the resolvers is Alessandro Grussu, with Juan Pablo López-Grao in second place.
Other top chaps (and chapesses) are: Lee Tonks, WhenIWasCruel, MadMekon, Andrew Barker, Arjun Nair, andrea g, MatGubbins, Flint, Fikee, Necros, Blunderbuss, Paul E Collins, Robert van der Veeke, robert@fm, darkman, Philip Bee, Jim Langmead, Paul Finn, Dunny, Richard Hallas, Motomono, David Muriel, Zoffy, Nikki, Scribbler, Matthew Westcott, Matt Clemson, Prophet, Fikee, YeSoD, Maurice, Rodolfo Prado, Frode Tenneb, Ignacio Burgueño, Spottedkat, Emiliano Mattioli (AKA Mattioli II), Jim Shaw.

The lists have been split into two - the ones identified, and those not. Pretty obvious, really. One thing to note - on the list of unresolved titles, the status column will either have:

"?" means I've looked at it, but don't know what it is
"-" means I haven't looked at it.

ALTERNATIVELY, see if you recognise any of THESE pictures.

If you can lend any assistance, then please get in touch.


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