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J4 - The Fourth Remix
Jack And The Beanstalk (River Software)
Jack And The Beanstalk (Thor Computer Software)
Jack And The Beanstalk (Your Computer)
Jack Charlton's Match Fishing
Jack In Magicland
Jack The Nipper
Jack The Nipper II: In Coconut Capers
Jack The Ripper
Jack Y El Arca Maravillosa
Jackle & Wide
Jackpot Fruit Machine
Jackson City
Jade Necklace, The
Jade Stone, The
Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash
Jai Alai
Jail Break (B. Williams)
Jail Break (Konami Ltd)
Janky Joe In Retro Hell
Jason And The Golden Fleece
Jason Of The Argonauts
Jason's Gem
Jaws Revenge
Jaws: The Text Adventure
Jennifer's Dolly
Jerry's Endless Travels: Escape
Jerry's Endless Travels: Save Erick
Jersey Quest
Jester Quest
Jester's Jaunt
Jet Bike Simulator
Jet Cat Frosya
Jet Man Silly
Jet Pac Advanced
Jet Paco
Jet Power Jack
Jet Set Basic
Jet Set Bulimic
Jet Set Chile
Jet Set Emily: Baby On The Go
Jet Set Gertie
Jet Set Luis
Jet Set Mini SE
Jet Set Mixup
Jet Set Wibble
Jet Set Willy (R.D. Foord Software)
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects Ltd)
Jet Set Willy - 12 Room Minigame
Jet Set Willy - The Nightmare Edition
Jet Set Willy 128K
Jet Set Willy 16K
Jet Set Willy 2015 Bug Fixed Edition
Jet Set Willy 25-100
Jet Set Willy 2: Super Pre-School Edition
Jet Set Willy 5: ZX Heroes
Jet Set Willy 64
Jet Set Willy 64: Dragon
Jet Set Willy 64: Flash Manic Miner
Jet Set Willy 64: Manic Miner
Jet Set Willy 64: Manic Miner - Dragon
Jet Set Willy 64: Manic Miner: James Bond
Jet Set Willy II
Jet Set Willy II+
Jet Set Willy In Paris
Jet Set Willy X
Jet Set Willy: FTB
Jet Set Willy: Lord Of The Rings
Jet Set Willy: Manic Miner
Jet Set Willy: Mind Control
Jet Set Willy: Mono
Jet Set Willy: Perpetual Motion
Jet Set Willy: Spectrum Computing
Jet Set Willy: The 2005 Megamix
Jet Set Willy: The 2010 Megamix
Jet Set Willy: The Continuing Adventures
Jet Set Willy: The DrUnKeN MAsTeR!!!
Jet Set Willy: The Nightmare Edition
Jet Set Willy: The '96 Remix
Jet Set Willy: Wet Sunday Afternoon Graphical Remix
Jet Set Willy: Willy's Flashback
Jet-Set Willy (again)
Jet-Set Willy In Space
Jet-Set Willy Ivy
JetSet Mini
JetSet Willy III
Jetsons, The
Jewel Of Power, The
Jewel Of Prophecy
Jewel Of Scotland
Jewels Of Babylon
Jewels Of Darkness
Jewels Of Honour, The
Jhothamia 6
Jilly's Farm Volume 1 - SokoBAArn!
Jilly's Farm Volume 1... SokoBAArn
Jimmy's Soccer Manager
JINJ 2: Belmonte's Revenge
Jmeno Ruze
Jock And The Beanstalk
Jock And The Time Rings
Jocky Wilson's Compendium Of Darts
Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge
Joe Blade
Joe Blade II
Joe Blade III
Johnnie Verso
Johnny Chispas
Johnny M
Johnny The Ghost
Join The Jet-Set
Jokers Wild
Jolly Duplicator
Jolly Jack's Run Ashore
Jolly Poppa Down
Jon The Jany
Jonah Barrington's Squash
Jonny Quest
Journey One Spring, A
Journey To Death
Journey To The Centre Of Eddie Smith's Head
Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Journey To The Centre Of The Nose
Journey, The
Journey's End
JSW 1-1
JSW Dup Moor En T' Panat
JSW Stupid
JSW The Sun Is No Longer Producing Heat
Judge Dredd (Melbourne House)
Judge Dredd (Virgin Games Ltd)
Julieta Noseque
Julifrustris In The City
Jump (Ventamatic)
Jump (Zigurat Software)
Jump About
Jump Bug
Jumping Jack
Jungle Fever
Jungle Jie
Jungle King
Jungle Queen
Jungle Trouble
Jungle Warfare
Jungle Warrior
Just A Gal
Just One Of Those Days
Justin And The Lost Abbey

Brought to you courtesy of Gerard Sweeney and Nick Humphries
plus various other good eggs.